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Sachem North vs Floyd


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Season Photo Packages for Football Players

SEASON INDIVIDUAL PLAYER PACKAGE  - receive ALL game photos from entire season as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for any one player for a single price based upon position(s) played. QB and RB’s are $175, all other positions, $125. If a player starts on both offense and defense, the cost is $150 unless he is a QB or RB, then it’s $175. All photos will be placed in a PRIVATE PASSWORD PROTECTED GALLERY.

SINGLE GAME TEAM GALLERY - receive EVERY photo from a game (all players) in a PRIVATE PASSWORD PROTECTED GALLERY for $199 (great for groups of people) Usually 150+ photos

SINGLE GAME INDIVIDUAL GALLERY - receive EVERY photo of any 1 PLAYER as a digital download in a PRIVATE PASSWORD PROTECTED GALLERY for $75

Any (5) DIGITAL DOWNLOADS from entire season $80 (a single Digital Download costs $19.99)

Any (8) DIGITAL DOWNLOADS from entire season $100

Personalized POSTERS and COLLAGES are available upon request. Many different styles and sizes are available.

Anyone that orders a SEASON PACKAGE will receive 10% off of ANY POSTER.

An ORIGINAL DIGITAL DOWNLOAD is the highest resolution image. It’s like having the NEGATIVE of a film photograph. With the ORIGINAL DIGITAL DOWNLOAD you can upload it to places like Coscto or CVS and have photos printed in any size and quantity that you want at a lower cost.

ALL PACKAGES MUST be paid in ADVANCE. This way I know who I am taking photos of.  

If you would like to order one of the above packages  you must call /text me at 631-495-9447. 

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